What is The Arts?.

The Arts is an exclusive showcase that provides a gateway into an artists unique perspective. The event is an exhibition that opens up a portal for the audience to look inside one’s artistic imaginations.  The featured arts include quality music for the ear, vivid photography, stunning fashion, sensual dance, captivating paintings, intriguing body art, striking cosmetology, and flavorsome culinary art. “It’s Art for Everybody!”

Our Mission Statement

The mission of “The Arts” showcase is to provide a rare platform for artists from all genres to freely express themselves.  The purpose is for all participants to gain maximum exposure and have their art breakthrough to the next level.  We are putting together a conglomerate of the best talent throughout the east coast of the United States, while bringing recognition to the artists and establishing the area as a staple for talent. We aim to promote mental wellness by creating space for young people to learn and connect through art and performance .

Our Previous Sponsors & Partners


Let’s Work Together

“The Arts” event is an opportunity for all parties involved to gain maximum exposure for their talents and/or businesses. The age of social media gives you the access to an unknown market of millions, with the opportunity to expand ones network, also giving all parties involved the chance too tap into markets that have been unreachable.