About Us

“It’s Art For Everyone!”

The Arts was started by a young group of artistic, innovative, and energetic entrepreneurs in the summer of 2015. The mission of “The Arts” is to provide a rare platform for artists from all genres to freely express themselves. The purpose is for all participants to gain maximum exposure and have their art breakthrough to the next level. As we collaborate with the best talent throughout the east coast while bringing recognition to the artist and establishing the area as a staple for talent.

Since The Arts establishment, it has become an exclusive showcase that provides a gateway into an artist’s unique perspective. The event is an exhibition that opens up a portal for the audience to look inside one’s artistic imagination. The featured arts include quality music for the ear, vivid photography, stunning fashion, sensual dance, captivating paintings, intriguing body art, striking cosmetology, and flavorsome culinary art. It’s Art for ALL !